Sunday, October 19, 2008

kicks of my the things I do besides playin ball is buying sneakers and clothes. Some people say that buying sneakers is a waste of money but its just lyk buying any other materialistic thing. The whole point is to make you feel good and some people go over the extent to make that happen. I just buy sneakers. My favorite sneaker is the Jordan 11's. All jordans have a specific number and every sneaker is different and creative in its own way. In the jordan book I read he explains how he came up with every sneaker and it made me like the sneakers even more. The reason I like the 11's so much is because of the way it is designed with patan leather. It's also one of the most comfortable of the jordan sneakers. Jordan 11's are definetly my top sneakers.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life in Charter I enrolled in charter I was mad because I thought the school was corny. It had alot of rules and you had to wear uniform. I was tired of wearing uniform because I went to catholic school for 2 years. Now I'm cool with the fact that I came to this school because I met alot of friends. I got to meet people who are my main friends now. They held me down since freshman year. We play ball together as well as help each other in school with work. If I i was in a big public school I doubt I would have learned like the things I know now. It has taught me alot of things and I give thanks to my teachers for that as well. An experience I had was in my junior year I wasn't putting effort into my academics and I was failing almost all my classes. My main friends helped to realize that I got to improve and stuff. In conclusion I feel that charter is not a bad school at all regardless of what other students may think.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Influential quote

"I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." -Micheal Jordan
I dont think a quote has ever caught my attention the way this one did. I read it over and over trying to intepret it. It helped me realize when you fail you can succeed and learning from mistakes. This quote also shows that no matter who you are, and how great you have been in something your only human and nobodys perfect. Being perfect is not being successful. You are successful when you are not trying be perfect.

08 presidential election

The election of '08 has been an interesting race. It has been since the race with Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. This is because it was a women and an African American running for the next president. Now it is down to Barack Obama and John McCain, as well as the people running under the independent party. I watched the 3 main debates and the last one was the most interesting. McCain did alot of attacking ,but Obama was calm and got his points across. I believe they both did good. I am for Barack Obama, but whoever wins I just hope they can fufill there duties as president and do what they said they were going to do because the U.S. is going through tough times and it may only get tougher.

The recession

To some the recession isn't serious, although the stock market number in numerous companies are going down everyday. It's always the things that aren't of great importance that hit hard unexpectedly. Thats why I feel it is important to fix this economic crisis before it gets much worse. An example in history where importance was not placed upon was the economic crisis in the 1920's, which is why the Great Depression occurred. Another example was with Hitler where he was looked at as merely a dictator, and became to be the reason for the holocaust and World War 2. In conclusion I think the recession should remain a top priority to the U.S. until it is successfully handled.


Now a days many dont listen to what artists are saying in a song. Its all about hooks and dancing, or about how much a rapper makes. Lyrics is what makes a song. An artist who taught me that was Jay-Z. He is my favorite rapper for a variety of reasons. Not only because of his interesting rhymes, or his successful entreprenuership, but because of what he stands for. An African American who is from Brooklyn, N.Y, lived in the ghetto and came from nothing and made something for himself. It started out with a few raps in marcy projects to becoming an icon in Hollywood, as well as to the world of hip hop. Hip-hop wouldn't be the same without him. If you take his songs and brake down his lines what you will find is freedom of expression mixed with clever lines beyond your understanding.

Air Jordan G.O.A.T.

The one word that you can use to describe Micheal Jordan is simply unique, nothing more nothing less. When people hear his name the first thing that pops up into people's head is that great basketball player or that guy that made the sneakers that everybody buys. Not many understand that he was more then that. His success in basketball or shoe marketing wasn't just handed to him. He was the underdog when he came into NBA, but that didn't stop him. It took hard work and determination.
He's influential in many ways. Even if you don't play basketball you can learn a lesson from him. That lesson is that no matter what struggle you face whether it be your race, or a disability, you can still succed in life as long as you put in hard work and have self determination. When Jordan was my age he wasn't popular in the world of sports and the people that did know him probably did not imagine he would become one of the greatest NBA stars to ever play the game. I've watched his games, seen his amazing dunks, watched him and his team lose only 10 games in an 82 game season, and I also read his book. The thing that still astonishes me to this day is how unique he was and how there will never be another Jordan.


Whats good my name is Jonathan Almonte, but I go by Jay or John. I'm 17 and I was born in Beth Israel hospital which is in Manhattan and I'm from Brooklyn, N.Y. I currently live in Ridgewood, Queens. My nationality is the best of both worlds Puerto Rican, and Domincan. I have one older brother and 3 older sisters. I'm in high school and I go to Williamsburg Charter High.
Playing basketball is my favorite thing to do. I started playing when I was younger for the CYO league and kept on ever since. I also like listening to music. Hip-hop is what I mostly listen to, but I listen to other types of music too. My top 5 artists have to be Jay-z, Kanye West, Cassidy, Fabulous, and Lil Wayne.
Besides basketball and music I like girls, hanging out, clothes, and sneakers. My main friends that I like hanging out with are Mike Tate, Anthony, Allan, Candido, and Adeayo. Things that I dislike are fake people,