Thursday, October 16, 2008

Air Jordan G.O.A.T.

The one word that you can use to describe Micheal Jordan is simply unique, nothing more nothing less. When people hear his name the first thing that pops up into people's head is that great basketball player or that guy that made the sneakers that everybody buys. Not many understand that he was more then that. His success in basketball or shoe marketing wasn't just handed to him. He was the underdog when he came into NBA, but that didn't stop him. It took hard work and determination.
He's influential in many ways. Even if you don't play basketball you can learn a lesson from him. That lesson is that no matter what struggle you face whether it be your race, or a disability, you can still succed in life as long as you put in hard work and have self determination. When Jordan was my age he wasn't popular in the world of sports and the people that did know him probably did not imagine he would become one of the greatest NBA stars to ever play the game. I've watched his games, seen his amazing dunks, watched him and his team lose only 10 games in an 82 game season, and I also read his book. The thing that still astonishes me to this day is how unique he was and how there will never be another Jordan.

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