Friday, October 17, 2008

Life in Charter I enrolled in charter I was mad because I thought the school was corny. It had alot of rules and you had to wear uniform. I was tired of wearing uniform because I went to catholic school for 2 years. Now I'm cool with the fact that I came to this school because I met alot of friends. I got to meet people who are my main friends now. They held me down since freshman year. We play ball together as well as help each other in school with work. If I i was in a big public school I doubt I would have learned like the things I know now. It has taught me alot of things and I give thanks to my teachers for that as well. An experience I had was in my junior year I wasn't putting effort into my academics and I was failing almost all my classes. My main friends helped to realize that I got to improve and stuff. In conclusion I feel that charter is not a bad school at all regardless of what other students may think.

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